5 Home Improvement Hacks That Will Revamp Your Living Space

The living room of your house is an important space for conversations, family time, and much more. This is where you will entertain your guests and share stories with others. No wonder, homeowners spend insane amount of money on living room design and interiors. If you don’t want to go for a complete remodeling, we have five home improvement hacks that will work for your living space.

  1. Rethink the colors

Living rooms in modern homes are often minimalistic, but you can achieve a lot by changing the dominant color. If time and budget permits, recolor the walls of the room. Try to get a contrasting shade for the central wall and keep the shades muted for the adjacent ones. Don’t want to change your walls? You can still add drama to the space by using the right fabrics, upholstery and rugs. The idea is to keep an accenting color, which can be anything from yellow and red to blue and green.

  1. Go for window shutters

Window shutters are practical and stylish at the same time. By preventing heat loss, these can help in reducing energy bills, and you will have complete control on the amount of light and air entering the room. Shutters are available in a plethora of colors and materials, so make sure that you check for the right ideas online. Also, you need to understand the styles of shutters that can work for specific windows. You can find another awesome read here about uses and benefits of window shutters.

  1. Play with the walls

Regardless of the size of the living room, you can work with walls in different ways. Have a smaller space? Add a large mirror to the central wall to create an illusion of space. You can also buy wooden photo frames to use a few posters or other memories. Wall décor for the living area doesn’t have to be expensive, and even the smaller changes make an instant appeal.

  1. Change the light fittings

Contemporary homeowners are lucky to have endless options in lights and fittings. From quirky shaped wall mounted lamps to tripod lamps and fancy pendant lights, there are options for almost every kind of living space. Light fittings are not as expensive as you may think and work perfectly for highlighting a certain part of the living area. You can create mood lighting themes, as well.

  1. Get double duty furniture

If you want to revamp the living space and remove the clutter, you can invest in a few double-duty furniture pieces. An ottoman or a sofa-cum-bed is a much better choice than a large sofa. Keep in mind that modern themes are minimalistic, and therefore, you don’t actually need a lot of furniture in the first place. With some extra floor room, the area can look much more sorted.

Check online now to find a few good ideas, and don’t forget to check pictures on the web for understanding themes and designs used in contemporary and new homes.

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